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Our Foundation

At Tithe, we run our business with both efficiency and purpose. It’s that mentality and approach that allows us to fuel our charitable efforts through the Tithe Foundation. Not only do we aim to deliver the best products and services, but we also have a strong dedication to giving back. As a result, we donate 10% of our top-line revenue to our local community partners and causes. Our goal is to achieve the maximum impact through our charitable efforts. We carefully evaluate all opportunities and select those that best align with our mission to serve others. Our team has become passionate about investing in resources and opportunities for children in need. This is how we believe maximum impact is created, and exponential returns in the life of a child are supported.

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We are committed to operating our business in a way that allows us to make a positive difference in the world through our charitable giving. Join us in supporting the Tithe Foundation and making a difference in our local communities.

Our First Partnership

One area we are particularly passionate about is investing in children’s resources and opportunities in areas of our cities that do not have them. By supporting these efforts, we believe we can make the biggest impact for the Kingdom and create a brighter future for these communities. Our first community partner in this effort is the Columbus Dream Center. They have established themselves as a respected, loving, and service-oriented organization in Columbus, OH. The Dream Center is active in over a dozen neighborhoods each week and has a desire to serve many more. We are honored to partner with them, not only through financial support, but also by serving alongside them as part of their team through after school programming and meal delivery.

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